chicken slow braised to perfection ~

I've braised veal and lamb shanks, pork shoulders and chuck roasts. But I had never braised chicken for longer than 30 minutes. When I read the original recipe from Food52 I was intrigued by the addition of salami in the braising liquid. Loved the olives just didn't know what the salami would cook into. The results were sublime.  I tweaked it a little for my family's taste using harissa in place of tomato paste and I cut back the amount of chicken stock.  The first time I made it I didn't use the fennel and didn't notice the difference the second [...]

chicken slow braised to perfection ~2019-03-10T14:41:41-07:00

pizza dough … tried, tested and perfected

Pizza dough is unique to all who eat! There are those that love it puffy, chewy, bready, thin, crispy....we all have our favorites.  I love a yeasty smelling slightly chewy thinner crust.  The following recipe is just that. I use a combination of bread and King Arthur all purpose flour. I think it gives the right chew with a lovely yeasty kick.     ingredients 1 c bread flour 2 c all purpose flour (King Arthur) 1/2 t yeast 1 t sugar 1 T Sous Salt Herb and Garlic 1 c warm water apx 110 degrees 1 T olive oil and [...]

pizza dough … tried, tested and perfected2019-03-02T14:01:40-07:00

spinach & artichoke pie ~

Spanikopita fans this is a wonderful dish...easy to prep, bake and enjoy.  Instead of squeezing the spinach to get rid of the water I saute the moisture out of it with the shallots and artichoke hearts.  Saves my shirt from spinach stains as I always seem to splash spinach juice all over the place in an attempt to dry it out! Also I love the addition of artichokes to the spinach. The balance counteracts some of the bitterness spinach may have.  You can substitute any cheese you prefer as well. Either feta or goat cheese works as a creamy base. But [...]

spinach & artichoke pie ~2018-10-11T10:37:25-07:00

roasted tomatoes & burrata on toasted ciabatta

This is a tasty recipe for a wonderful appetizer or an addition to the evening meal. The tomatoes are so sweet when roasted they are like vegetable candy combined with the fruitiness of the olive oil and the  richness of the burrata, it's perfection.  A sprinkle of micro arugula and there isn't anything else you need with the exception of a sprinkling of Sous Salt!i ingredients 2 pints of cherry tomatoes 1 T olive oil + more for drizzling on the toasts 1 t Sous Salt Olive Thyme & Lemon + more for finishing 1 package of fresh Burrata (or you [...]

roasted tomatoes & burrata on toasted ciabatta2018-08-20T14:49:03-07:00

smokey tomato vinaigrette ~

This particular vinaigrette can be morphed into basically any sauce you might fancy.  Use it as a sweet and tangy salsa, add it to an aioli for a terrific sweet kick, toss it in a pasta salad or drizzle it on grilled vegetables. It's an awesome addition to you cooking on the fly nights! In this recipe I flash seared the tomatoes in a dry skillet until they were blistered however you could easily toss them in olive oil sprinkle them with whichever Sous Salt you love and roast them in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes until they are [...]

smokey tomato vinaigrette ~2018-06-25T16:36:04-07:00

shrimp curry soup ~

Another quick, colorful and full of flavor dinner that you can prep in no time and serve on a week night.  I served ours over shrimp noodles that you can get at the Chinese market.  What's terrific about these shrimp noodles is that after you cook the noodles in salted water you can use the water in your curry. It takes on the flavor of the shrimp noodles and it a perfect stock addition. I used the green curry paste that comes in a little jar from Simply Asia but you could use the red curry paste as well. ingredients 1 [...]

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tomato crostini ~

Summer...summer...summer...ah the flavors of summer! Tomatoes being one of the seasons best gifts. With all the different colors, shapes and tastes of the heirloom tomato market now a days you have a bounty from which to choose to design your own masterpiece. We are plodding through a kitchen remodel and our outdoor kitchen is somewhat limited. However with the flavors and the weather of the summertime we are bravely shouldering through it. These lovely little crostini were created with a toothy sourdough artisanal bread lovingly made by Kneaded by Hand, a beautiful vibrant olive oil, lemon juice from my Mother's lemon [...]

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spatchcock chicken ~

Once your roast a spatchcock chicken this way you will never go back to the old roast chicken method again...I promise. The beautiful part about roasting a chicken that has been butterflied is that none of the pieces are over or underdone. The skin is perfectly crispy with a beautiful golden brown color from the compound herb butter.  You can substitute olive oil for the butter but it will have a different flavor. Don't skip the step of rubbing the herb mixture under the skin it really does add flavor to the chicken. ingredients 1 4 lb butterflied chicken, backbone removed [...]

spatchcock chicken ~2017-07-31T15:11:00-07:00

shallot onion dip ~

This is a wonderfully easy and flavorful dip for any occasion.. and if you have some left over incorporate it into your weeknight dishes. I use dips and spreads  in a lot of my cooking as "already prepped" bonus additions.  So if you have extra onion dip left over from your Sunday dinner party...thin it out and use it as a salad dressing. Or add it to sauteed mushrooms and toss it in a pasta. Have ground chicken, beef or pork...saute the ground meat and add the remaining dip to this, serve it over rice and you have a perfect weeknight [...]

shallot onion dip ~2017-07-11T11:26:28-07:00

chocolate ganache cake ~ ina garten style

There are two chocolate cakes in my "go to" recipe file. Both are from Ina Garten and both are incredibly simple and gorgeous. One is her Beatty's chocolate cake that I put a cream cheese frosting on. The other is this chocolate ganache cake. You can do the chevron pattern she finishes the cake with or just the ganache topping...the only thing I add is our Sous Salt Pinot Noir.  The salt adds a lovely rich, tangy and colorful finish to the cake. ingredients: 1/4 pound unsalted butter at room temperature 1 cup sugar 4 extra-large eggs at room temperature 1 [...]

chocolate ganache cake ~ ina garten style2017-07-11T10:23:20-07:00
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