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cookie cake ~

There are so many wonderful flours being milled nowadays. In this recipe I used almond flour and all purpose flour. However you could use hazelnut flour with the almond flour as well.  It will give you a bit denser cookie cake but add nuttiness to the taste. I used Heath Bar bits in this recipe they can be substituted for mini chocolate chips, peanut but or butterscotch chips. The ganache adds an elegance to the simplicity of the cookie but you can totally leave it off if you aren't a chocolate lover. I used a round fluted 8" tart pan that [...]

cookie cake ~2019-11-13T13:37:02-08:00

stuffed pork tenderloin ~

Or Pork Braciole...If  you have a meat thermometer in your kitchen and some twine...you can not go wrong with this recipe.  It will cook itself perfectly. The bread crumbs and cheese will keep the interior just perfectly pink and moist.  In this recipe I used a large fresh porcini mushroom but you can easily substitute any mushroom you like. I deglazed the pan with a dry white wine and used chicken stock and a touch of cream. But you could forgo that route and use a tomato sauce instead for a different result. Either way the pork tenderloin lends itself to [...]

stuffed pork tenderloin ~2019-07-08T16:04:01-08:00

porchetta ~

Quite possibly the easiest recipe that renders the most scrumptious pork shoulder... it does require some fore thought but is definitely worth the prep. It cooks itself to perfection in a low and slow method. I chunk the pieces off of the shoulder as opposed to slicing or pulling them. I season the shoulder the day before and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight. This allows the outside of the meat to dry out rendering a crusty finished roast. ingredients 3 - 5 pound pork shoulder (the weight of the shoulder does not change the recipe, just the cooking time) [...]

porchetta ~2019-07-03T07:24:21-08:00

chicken saltimbocca ~

Terrifically scrumptious and easy to make. I used chicken thighs in this particular recipe but you can use chicken breasts as well.  I would just cut the tenderloin out from the bottom of the thigh and pound them down so they are the same thickness. That way they will cook evenly. I always have home made pesto in my fridge but a good quality basil pesto will do in a pinch.   For six chicken thighs: ingredients ~ 6 chicken thighs 1 cup pesto 6 slices of Italian Fontina cut 1" by 3" strips 1 1/2 c panko crumbs 1 t [...]

chicken saltimbocca ~2019-06-07T14:06:25-08:00

blondie ice cream sandwiches ~

I happen to love ice cream sandwiches and am particularly fond of blondies. It's kind of like a cookie bar and ice cream all totally portable! For this particular recipe I browned the butter and added it to the brown sugar. I thought it added a particularly wonderful nutty flavor. I used my favorite brand of Italian Gelato Talenti but whatever type of ice cream you love, enjoy these compact little treats. Here is a link to a video we did of this recipe. ingredients ~ 2 sticks of butter 2 cups dark brown sugar (Muscavado is my favorite) 1 t [...]

blondie ice cream sandwiches ~2019-07-01T07:29:07-08:00

salmon cakes ~

With these salmon cakes I used left over roasted salmon that we had the other day. However you could easily use fresh salmon as well they would just have a different consistency when cooked. I made a tomato confit with roasted tomatoes and garlic then chopped the ingredients up with some fresh herbs and added my favorite olive oil. Withered some spinach in the middle of the pan heating the confit up just a bit and serve it over the salmon cakes. This is a quick go to week night dinner. We served it with a simple vegetable chopped salad.   [...]

salmon cakes ~2019-05-09T09:50:18-08:00

spring green rice pilaf ~

Especially wonderful with spring green asparagus, sugar snap peas and fresh basil pesto but feel free to use baby broccoli, broccoli rabe, baby zucchini which ever green vegetable are your favorites. In this particular fried rice dish I used basmati rice but you could use a short grain white, brown or even a black rice which is featured in another one of our recipes the color combinations.  I made the rice in the morning then spread it out on a cookie sheet and put it in the fridge for the day to duplicate day old rice. But if you have [...]

spring green rice pilaf ~2019-05-06T15:23:26-08:00

chicken slow braised to perfection ~

I've braised veal and lamb shanks, pork shoulders and chuck roasts. But I had never braised chicken for longer than 30 minutes. When I read the original recipe from Food52 I was intrigued by the addition of salami in the braising liquid. Loved the olives just didn't know what the salami would cook into. The results were sublime.  I tweaked it a little for my family's taste using harissa in place of tomato paste and I cut back the amount of chicken stock.  The first time I made it I didn't use the fennel and didn't notice the difference the second [...]

chicken slow braised to perfection ~2019-03-10T14:41:41-08:00

pizza dough … tried, tested and perfected

Pizza dough is unique to all who eat! There are those that love it puffy, chewy, bready, thin, crispy....we all have our favorites.  I love a yeasty smelling slightly chewy thinner crust.  The following recipe is just that. I use a combination of bread and King Arthur all purpose flour. I think it gives the right chew with a lovely yeasty kick.     ingredients 1 c bread flour 2 c all purpose flour (King Arthur) 1/2 t yeast 1 t sugar 1 T Sous Salt Herb and Garlic 1 c warm water apx 110 degrees 1 T olive oil and [...]

pizza dough … tried, tested and perfected2019-03-02T14:01:40-08:00

roasted shrimp, tomato & feta ~

The richness of the tomato sauce blends so heavenly with the shrimp and feta in this recipe. I made my own tomato sauce in this recipe which takes about 25 mins to simmer but if you don't have the prep time any great jarred sauce will work just reduce it in the skillet about 5 minutes and add the honey to it. You want a sauce that is on the thicken side not watery or runny.  Simmering for that 5 minutes will thicken the sauce and the honey will caramelize the shrimp just slightly. I used a cast iron skillet because [...]

roasted shrimp, tomato & feta ~2019-02-24T09:05:53-08:00
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