Custom Blended Salts ~ Taking the guess work out of seasoning

Sous Salt creates unique salt blends for your winery, restaurant or specialty retail store. Designed exclusively for your business, this opportunity provides a special product offering for your clients. Using our Grey Salt we will custom blend a finishing/cooking salt that reflects your product/business image.

Custom Wine Salt:

For wineries this is an opportunity to offer a product made with one of your featured wines. Wine salt is bright, slightly sweet and salty. It can be used in sauces and dips, entrees as well as desserts. We have recipes available on our web site for ideas on how to cook with wine salts.

Custom Herb & Spice Salt:

For specialty retail stores or restaurant product offerings we will custom blend a salt that represents the image and taste you would like to send your clients home with to remind them of their visit to your business.

Costs vary depending on ingredients used in each blend. Please give us a call at 844.326.7932 if this a product you would like to develop with us.