salmon cakes ~

With these salmon cakes I used left over roasted salmon that we had the other day. However you could easily use fresh salmon as well they would just have a different consistency when cooked. I made a tomato confit with roasted tomatoes and garlic then chopped the ingredients up with some fresh herbs and added my favorite olive oil. Withered some spinach in the middle of the pan heating the confit up just a bit and serve it over the salmon cakes. This is a quick go to week night dinner. We served it with a simple vegetable chopped salad.   [...]

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fritatta and popover harmoniously meet ~

The lightness of a popover and the richness of a perfect paring for any meal.  This recipe can be adapted to fit what ever you like with you morning or evening egg dishes. I used sausage and potatoes with fontina cheese. But you could do spinach and goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes or ham with potatoes and gruyere. Parmesan with pancetta and arugula would be lovely as well.  Just about any flavor combination you love would work.  The batter is less eggs with the balance of the base coming from flour.  I used chick pea flour but all purpose [...]

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roast chicken ala emily ~

My favorite roast chicken recipe is the spatchcock one we have on our web page. Although it does call for a slathering of I recently discovered this recipe posted on FOOD52 by Emily C which calls for brining the bird in buttermilk and pickle juice...with a soupcon of Sous Salt of course.  So if you want to avoid the consumption of butter this is a lovely alternative which she derives from the preparation of fried chicken for flavor and tenderness. ingredients 1 whole chicken 1 c buttermilk 1 c pickle juice (any type) 1 t Sous Salt Herb and & [...]

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chicken tamale chili ~

So if you were a member of my family this year, you, like a lot of people, were given the gift of good food in a short InstantPot!  Now I'm not usually a gadget gift user but this appliance has changed my mind.  I use the Pressure Cooking capability more than the slow cooker but whichever your preference this little machine is mighty! Pouring rain always triggers one pot meals to me so here is a terrific recipe from Tieghan Gerard @Half Baked Harvest for this easy stew/chili. This is one for the slow cooker. I've morphed it again for [...]

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seafood chowder ~

This soup came together after a week away with the family. We needed something quick but as always had to be flavorful as well.  I used Sea Bass, Shrimp and Spicy Sausage. You could use Salmon, Halibut or Cod in addition or as a substitute. There are so many different kinds of sausages being made today so experiment with some other varieties.  There is a chicken artichoke that would be tasty with cod and scallops. I used salsa because it already had the garlic, herbs and tomatoes as a base so it jump started our soup prep. I used our [...]

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naan bread ~

ingredients 2 c all purpose flour 2 c whole wheat flour 1/2  t Sous Salt of your choosing (I used the Fennel & Shallot) 1 1/2 t baking powder 1 t baking soda 1 T sugar 1/4 c hot water (110-115 degrees to proof the yeast) 3/4 t dry yeast 3/4 c warm milk 1 c greek yogurt melted butter or olive oil for brushing fresh herbs directions In a medium size bowl dissolve the sugar in the hot water and add the dry yeast. Let it sit for 10 minutes until it starts to foam. In a separate bowl mix [...]

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chicken stock ~

Browning the chicken before you add the water gives this stock a beautiful amber color and a richness adding flavor to anything you use this stock in.  From soups to stews to pasta sauces there isn't anything more tasty than home made chicken stock and it doesn't take that much time to do.  When I know I'm going to be home working on recipes or the computer I put a pot on the stove and it's ready when I'm finished with working. There really is no comparison to a boxed or canned stock with this homemade version. Just try it once...I [...]

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summer pasta salad ~

It’s almost summer time... which in our Salty house means that pasta frequently becomes the vehicle for the delivery of our evening culinary experience! At room temperature or cold a pasta salad can deliver all the wonderful tastes you need to satisfy your palette. Whether you want to include pancetta or roasted chicken or keep it vegetarian, a one dish meal can be prepared early in the day and enjoyed easily at the end of it.  I love this recipe especially because of the sweet little roasted tomatoes and the feta which becomes creamy and adds a richness to the pasta.  [...]

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oven roasted tomato gems ~

You can't go wrong with this Sous Salt recipe and the options you will have using these lovely little roasted tomato gems in your cooking.  Whether you decide that you like them roasted longer which will give you a dryer tomato result or on the shorter side which provides a more moist tomato the results are terrific, tasty and transforming. I use a combination of the yellow and red tomatoes they seem to be the sweetest.  If you have a green thumb like my sister and grow your own in your garden even better. Your combinations are almost limitless. Once roasted you can put them [...]

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roast chicken with toasts ~

Every cook/chef/foodie has a recipe for roast chicken...mine is a combination of a of which I morphed from Williams Sonoma and The Kitchen.   Adjusted it accordingly for my taste and wishes and voila who needs a rotisserie chicken! The compound herb butter under the skin is an absolute must...don't skimp. The type of Artisan Bread you choose is up to you. I used a Levain sourdough. The results will be the same the bread will absorb all of those wonderful chicken juices at the end with a wonderful crunch and color that is heavenly. ingredients 1 chicken, about 4 lb. [...]

roast chicken with toasts ~2017-04-29T08:52:48-08:00
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