This recipe is very similar to my sheet pan harissa chicken. Super easy to put together and quick to cook. I used my Tomato Sauce but you could easily pick up your favorite jar of marinara sauce from the market. Also I used boneless chicken thighs but you could substitute them for chicken breasts. I did not include a vegetable but you could easily add a chopped eggplant or a diced winter squash. Feel free to use any of our other Sous Salts as well. The Porcini would be superb as would the Olive Thyme or the Herb & Garlic.

Normally chicken parmesan takes forever to prepare. You have to dredge, flour, dip, fry….it just is too time consuming for today’s households. This comes together in 15 minutes and finishes in the over for apx 30 while you are helping kids with homework or taking a spin around the block!


ingredients ~

directions ~

Season the chicken thighs with Sous Salt & pepper about 15 minutes before you begin.  Heat 1 T of the olive oil in the skillet and saute the chicken thighs just until there is a little color on them.

In your food processor pulse the panko, parsley and thyme together with 1 T of the olive oil. Then toss it in a bowl and incorporate the Pecorino and Parmesan.

In your sheet pan drizzle a little bit of olive oil and spread a thin layer of the tomato sauce down. When the chicken has a bit of color on it toss them in the remaining tomato sauce and spread them on the sheet pan. Arrange the chicken thighs on the sheet pan and mound a handful of the panko and cheese mixture on top of each thigh. Place them in a 400 degree oven for apx 25 – 30 minutes until you have an internal temp of 165 degrees. Sprinkle it with a bit of parmesan and chopped parsley.

Voila! I told you it was easy!