spatchcock chicken ~

Once your roast a spatchcock chicken this way you will never go back to the old roast chicken method again...I promise. The beautiful part about roasting a chicken that has been butterflied is that none of the pieces are over or underdone. The skin is perfectly crispy with a beautiful golden brown color from the compound herb butter.  You can substitute olive oil for the butter but it will have a different flavor. Don't skip the step of rubbing the herb mixture under the skin it really does add flavor to the chicken. ingredients 1 4 lb butterflied chicken, backbone removed [...]

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smokey bbq pork ribs ~

Smokey, sweet, sticky, yummy pork ribs.....who coined the phrase finger licking good...these were so beyond that. I started them in the pressure cooker because I wasn't going to be around and I needed to partially cook them before we put them on the bbq in the evening. I rubbed them with a mixture of Sous Salt Smoked Paprika and brown sugar then I put them in the refrigerator for a couple hours to air dry. Put them in the pressure cooker for just 30 minutes to tenderize them. You could easily put them in the oven for a couple of hours [...]

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